I first met Yasmine on a July afternoon at Café de Flore in Saint-Germain, Paris. She was sitting alone drinking tea and watching passersby, as that is just what you do when in Paris. Every few minutes, though, she would pick up and glance at a book but then quickly lay it back down. Often she would place a napkin on top of the book to make sure no one could see the cover. She seemed anxious about reading it, almost as if she knew she shouldn't be doing it but couldn't help herself.

She reminded me of Audrey Hepburn. She was very thin with brown shoulder length straight hair. She wore a tightly fitted dark blue sleeveless dress, and sat with her legs angled to the right. Whenever she looked up her permanent smile was ever so disarming and contagious. There was something about her that was magically infectious.

Finding Yasmine

On June 12, around 3 AM, while working on a design project, I received a text from Manoucher, Yasmine's brother, asking me if I knew where Yasmine might be. He lives in Paris and we had not been in contact for over three years. I immediately called him and learned that Yasmine had not been seen by anyone in her social circle for several weeks. Manoucher had just learned that Yasmine had moved out of her apartment a month earlier, so he was contacting all her friends to see if they knew where she might have gone.

Later I will tell you more about my relationship with Yasmine. But since the mysterious book she was reading sparked my interest in her, and because I feel her disappearance may be connected with the book's topic, I wonder if you can help find Yasmine by first figuring out what book she was reading.

The images on this page are the clues and clicking on them will take you to another space with more clues.

But if you click on the wrong clue you may end up lost in an endless loop. To help you avoid that misfortune, here are some tips - during your hunt you will come across a few book covers, one of which is the one you are searching for. The clues are related to the topics of a book. For instance, an image of a collar may refer to a topic of conversation between characters in a book.

Not every image refers to a topic in the book Yasmine was reading. Some images may relate to other books in our list. For instance a photo of a car may reference a passage in one of the books that is not the one Yasmine was reading.

What you should look for is a theme that is exclusive to the book we are searching for. Once you have found the book you will see a link to the next phase of the game.

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